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So., 11. Apr.


Zentrum der Einheit Schweibenalp

Wisdom of the Circle

A sacred Ceremony to activate the eight powers of the human

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Wisdom of the Circle
Wisdom of the Circle

Zeit & Ort

11. Apr. 2021, 17:00 MESZ – 14. Apr. 2021, 17:00 MESZ

Zentrum der Einheit Schweibenalp, Schweibenalp, 3855 Brienz, Schweiz

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Please visit our Website to get the full impression:

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By joining our Council Guide- Teaching Ceremony on Schweibenalp you will support us to complete our Training next summer.

The Ceremony will be held the presence of White Eagle Woman, our Teacher and Keeper of the Delicate Lodge Teachings.

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A ceremony to activate the eight powers of the human and deepen the experience of wholeness

Welcome to our Council Guide- Teaching Ceremony!

Join us at Schweibenalp with WhiteEagle Woman, Keeper of the Delicate Lodge Teachings

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This spring Ceremony invites you to a grounding, spiritual and very practical experience. The Delicate Lodge, which is a tradition of Native American tribes, is an ancient way to explore and to remember the strengths we hold as human beings. The ceremony, which we have designed with passion for you, has a lot to offer for these challenging times of change and uncertainty.  "Wisdom of the Circle" will teach you powerful tools that you can apply easily in your daily life. 

These tools allow you to:

♡ grow a larger understanding of Mother Nature and how everything is connected ♡ move with a greater capacity for self-authorship and self-responsibility ♡ take the action needed to become the author of the life you want to live

What we see outside of us, also lives inside of us.  We are in a constant dance with life and our choices have an impact.  ​

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⋅◈⋅ connect with nature ⋅◈⋅

⋅◈⋅ relax and open your heart ⋅◈⋅

⋅◈⋅ learn to harness the power of emotion ⋅◈⋅

⋅◈⋅ get practical tools to expand your awareness ⋅◈⋅

⋅◈⋅ strengthen your inner balance and receive inner guidance ⋅◈⋅

⋅◈⋅ discover the medicine and healing within you ⋅◈⋅

⋅◈⋅ deepen into the concept of wholeness ⋅◈⋅

⋅◈⋅ feel surrounded by community ⋅◈⋅

⋅◈⋅ have fun !!! ⋅◈⋅

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We are 18 people from three different continents. Together we are undertaking a three year journey called the Council Guide Training.

We each came to this training for different reasons, though we all share a desire to bring more beauty into this world. We are committed to growing our awareness and potential as individuals and as members of tribes, circles, families and communities. Together, we learn to walk this path of the “Sacred Human” as we call it, living into our Power with respect for all Life. The individuals in this tribe not only come from different continents but also from a variety of different professional backgrounds, including   entrepreneurs, students, coaches, dancers, researchers, journalists, facilitators, project managers, yogis, natural resources engineer - and each and everyone of us brings their own precious gifts and wisdom.

We are looking forward to expanding our circle with your presence and guide you through this experience.  ​ Tobias, Dana, Laura, Ramon, Sandra, WeavingRivers, Narcisa, Chandrika, Sascha, Vera, Julie, Dong Yang, Marlin, Oliver, Nina, Iris, Claudio, Karin

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Day One - Sunday: We start our Ceremony at 17.30 with a hearty welcoming of each other and time to connect to the land. After dinner WhiteEagle Woman will open her bundle as a Wisdom Keeper of the Delicate Lodge Teachings and introduce this tradition before we enter the dreamtime.

Day Two - Monday:  We start the morning together with a powerful Morning Practice. This day is dedicated to (re-)connect with nature and to discover the first 4 Powers within you.  We will be partially indoors and partially outdoors.

Day Three - Tuesday: In the morning we invite you to join us for a joyful Morning Practice. Today we will be exploring the second 4 Powers within you. Additionally, we will introduce a powerful tool to restructure how you live in balance and foster your self-relationship. We will spend the evening around the fire.

Day Four - Wednesday After starting the day with a refreshing Morning Practice we will deepen our understanding of how to draw upon the 8 human powers. After lunch we will have a closing. The ceremony ends around 16.00.

After the Ceremony: We will arrange two tribe calls to have a check-in on how you are integrating the tools in your daily life (join us if you wish).

We invite you to join us with your curiosity!

Be prepared to have a powerful and meaningful experience.

 If you have any questions, please contact us, we are very happy to receive your questions at

We are looking forward to seeing you at the "Wisdom of the Circle".

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Your investment for this amazing Ceremony is: 490 CHF/ 460 EURO

Partners/ Friends/ Groups up to three:  400 CHF/ 375 EURO per Person

Student Prize: 355 CHF / 330 EURO ​ Accomandation and meals are not included.

To book your Ticket go to:

And to book your stay at Schweibenalp here:

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“The most important thing you can do to change the course of history on our planet is to heal yourself of limiting and diminishing thoughts about yourself. Create a vibrant and healthy relationship with yourself. It will change everything in your world, and mine.”

 WhiteEagle Woman - Keeper of the Delicate Lodge Teachings

Please contact us at:

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